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Glueing press FVP 2401

Glueing press FVP 2401

FELDER® For perfect surface glueing.

Item # 12.1.048

Weight: 242 kg

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Articles in production, estimated delivery time 2 - 6 weeks.
FELDER®, Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.
Glueing press FVP 2401
FELDER® For perfect surface glueing.
Base frame consists of thick walled hollow profiles screwed together (no transport or commissioning problems). Powder coated surface, Zinc-plated press arm.
●  Pressure frames with three vertical beams
3 Gear rack press elements with workpiece support
Workpiece size: 2500 x 1380 mm
contact pressure (short): 1800 kg
Permanent pressure: 500 kg
FELDER® Workshop accessories no workshop is complete without it!

Additional equipment
Options for the perfect “finish”.

  Horizontal press frame unit with 2 gear rack press elements (Order No. 12.1.046)

Pressure unit: prevents the individual wood pieces tilting over during the surface gluing process (Order No. 12.1.043)

  Vertical press beam with gear rack press element and workpiece support (Order No. 12.1.044)

Large workpiece holder: With the large workpiece holder, you are upgrading your frame press to a cabinet or multi-functional press! (Order No.12.1.047)

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