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Main-Drive Belts

Main-Drive Belts

Suitable for FELDER® combination machines BU 5.

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FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
Main-Drive Belts Flat belt

Length: L = 1000mm
Width: W = 30 mm 
Width: 1 mm
Suitable for:
FELDER® combination machines BU 5.

Experience the Felder advantage

FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA

Felder machines are developed and built with the help of state of the art technology by experts. Constant contact with the end users ensures deep rooted experience which is constantly being put into effect to the benefit of the customer. The quality of the raw materials as well as the processing quality of products is of the highest caliber. Maximum working life and minimum depreciation is the end result, cherished by thousands of customers.

Therefore Felder used machines are in high demand amongst woodworkers.

Upon their return all machines are closely inspected. Following that a decision is taken on what needs to be serviced.

The standard service package involves the following: saw, spindle and cutterblock components are cleaned up. The various driver belts are replaced. The saw and spindle table are measured and adjusted if necessary. The spindle is realigned with the newly adjusted table. Apart from that test cuts are carried out on the thicknesser, saw, spindle and mortiser. 

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