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“X-Life“ Rear rollers

“X-Life“ Rear rollers

Suitable for “X-Life“ Blade guides.

Item # 423-033xx

Weight: 4.35 kg

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FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
“X-Life“ Rear rollers
Rear rollers with ceramic insert.
Suitable for:
“X-Life“ Blade guides.
Affordable quality and precision.
Quality and precision from AUSTRIA

X-Life® bandsaw blade guides with ceramic inserts

Version: German
Version: English

HAMMER® "X-Life" ceramic guide Setup
Ceramic guides guarantee excellent cutting results and maximum blade stability due to four guide blocks resting direct against the saw blade. With reduced friction and low development of heat, compared with conventional roller guides, the ceramic guide offers almost unlimited freedom of wear and permits an extremely prolonged service life with consistently high cutting quality.
Version: English

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