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FAQs – How to

Let us quickly and simply explain the benefits of the Felder online shop:

Search feature
Thanks to our search feature, you can find the right item in next to no time. Enter a search word or a part number and you will immediately receive a selection of matching items.

Quick order form
The quickest and easiest way of online shopping is our quick order form. Just enter the item numbers and the desired quantity and with just one click you can add the order to your shopping cart.

You can note down products on your notepad – a kind of shopping list – for later reference and never again end up forgetting them.

You can note down your desired products on the wishlist and send these to any email address.

Public wishlist
When you publish your wishlist, any logged-on shop user can view it.

Ordering products
You have found the product you were looking for and want to add it to your shopping cart? Enter the desired quantity and click “Add to cart”. The product will automatically be added to your cart. Return to the product page with just one click on “Continue Shopping”.

Shopping Cart
In the upper right of each page you can see how many items are currently in your shopping cart and what the current subtotal of your purchase is. There, you can easily edit your order as well as the number of items ordered. As soon as you wish to complete your purchase, you can complete the additional steps (delivery address, payment details, additional information for your order) via the shopping cart.

Create an Account
By clicking on “Create an account” you can use all the advantages of an account free of charge. This will give you a user account with additional features such as article comparison, a personal notepad and wishlist as well as the possibility to access your order history.

For the password, we recommend a combination of letters and numbers. Do not use names of real people or your company. Note: You can also save your login information automatically, so you don’t have to remember it. The site then detects the return visit of a computer. If your computer is used by several people, it is, however, not advisable to store the login information.

Order history
You can always retrieve the status of your order or view already completed deliveries in your order history.

Item comparison
Compare similar items and find the best solution for your requirements.