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hand wash paste

hand wash paste

Cleans heavily soiled hands.

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hand wash paste
FELDER® Workshop accessories no workshop is complete without it!

+ Takes care of your hands and does not block the drains
+ Especially suitable for stubborn dirt and offers hand protection

The formula of this scientifically-developed handwash paste is based on organic ingredients. It is gentle to the skin, yet highly effective in cleaning strongly soiled hands (oils, grease, printing ink, etc.). Cleans with its alkalescence and active vegetable substances. Even when used frequently, this paste, with its avocado and almond oils, replenishes your skin‘s lipids and keeps it feeling smooth and supple.

The paste also contains ingrediants, which helps to prevent the paste from clogging the drain. To use, simply apply a small amount of paste to your hands, sprinkle with water, rub well, and rinse.
FELDER® Workshop accessories to Maintenance, cleaning, repair and servicing.

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