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Alu Table extension

Alu Table extension

Suitable for FELDER® machine types with flat connection (F).

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FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
Table extension, Anodised aluminium, F-Coupling
“Two lever” clamping system: fast and simple assembly without tools.
A "double-handle" clamping system guarantees quick mounting and removal of the table extension within seconds without using tools. The adjustment screws mounted on the face side on the coupling part allow the optimum adjustment of the table extension to be mounted and aligned flush to the extended table of the machine. The system table extension, used for parallel cut / ripping on the decreasing side of the circular saw table side when the thickness planing on the thickness table or when surface planing on the decreasing planer table. When cutting to length or mitre cuts on the FELDER format sliding table or on the FD-250 horizontal mortiser for increasing the table / supporting surface when mortising door leaves.
Suitable for:
FELDER® machine types with flat connection (F).
FELDER® Additional supports - Quickly, easily and conveniently!

Additional supports
Increase the usable surface of your machines with table extensions and additional supports from Felder. These ensure that you can process heavy and large workpieces with ease, without the need of any assistance. 

Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.

Solid cast iron table extension

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