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DGL 690

DGL 690

Can be mounted onto every type of machine! DGL 690 double cut mitre gauge

Item # 400-155

Weight: 32 kg

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FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
DGL 690 double cut mitre gauge
UNIQUE! Solves all your mitre problems!
Precise mitre cuts are simplified by using the new DGL 690 double mitre gauge. Two continuous and ­opposite working mitre scales enable you to set any precise angle between 0° and 90°.
Right-angle frame joints with different workpiece widths can be easily cut with one setting using the tan a = B/A ­formula with your double mitre gauge DGL 690. The DGL 690 can be attached to any sliding table by using the appropriate clamping set.
The crosscut fence stops on the fence guides can be adjusted up to 690 mm using the scale.
Suitable for:
Can be mounted onto every type of machine!

Clamping sets
„F“ = Flat coupling for Felder 6 and 7 series built before 04/2007
„P“ = Prism coupling for 'X-Roll' sliding tables
„Pro-Glide “ = for Format-4 kappa 450

On request
Can also be mounted on third-party machines
FELDER® double mitre gauge - Quickly, easily and conveniently!

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