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Mini V-teeth cutter, 10 Softline glue joints, DB-HW

Mini V-teeth cutter, 10 Softline glue joints, DB-HW

Silent-POWER® Professional moulding results at a fair price Industrial quality.

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Silent-POWER® Professional moulding results at a fair price
Mini V-teeth cutter, 10 Softline glue joints, DB-HW
For soft and hard wood. Ideal for end-to-end-grain joints.
Adjustment range: 30–96 mm. For manual feeding, thickness limiter, resistant kick-back 
Two-part spindle moulder tool made of steel, Bronzed surface. 

Blade quality  
  HW (Tungsten carbide)
Tungsten carbide blades lengthen tool life by up to 20 times.
Fitted with 4 woodworking reversible main cutters in softline mini-tooth form (MZ). 

"Silent Power" for unfaltering precision in the trades and industry.
... Precision tool
  TC metal quality
... Top-notch cutting quality
  Sensational quality
... Extremely long tool life
... Solid and precise
Features Value
Brand Silent-POWER®
Ø = Tool diameter 140 mm
ZF = Tooth shape 4 Mini finger (MT)
dia. = Bore diameter 30 mm
W = Cutter width, tool cutting width 66–90 mm
T = Main cutters, Disposable blades (DB) 4
BQ = Blade quality Tungsten carbide (HW)
Replacement Knives: Main cutters RB-HW, Order No. upper (A) 04.0.1731, lower (B) 04.0.1741

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