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Adjustable circular cutter, HS

Adjustable circular cutter, HS

High-alloy high speed steel.

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FELDER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
Adjustable circular cutter, HS
To drill holes for wall sockets and spotlights.
To drill in walls or ceilings. Appropriate for wood, polystyrene and plastic panels, chipboard and plaster boards.
Adjustment range: 30 - 120 mm
Centring drill: 8 x 50 mm
total length: 150 mm
Router bit, shank, shaft: Ø = 10 mm
Recommended rotating speed
  Ø = 30 - 49 mm: 900 rpm
  Ø = 50 - 120 mm: 400 rpm
Blade quality  
  HS (Heavy duty steel)
High-alloy high speed steel

Affordable quality and precision.

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